You want maximum muscle mass gains and you’re wondering whether you should cut or bulk first. Look no further, I have all the answers you need.

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Should you lose body fat first and then start putting on muscle?

Or should you focus on building a solid foundation of muscle mass and merely strip away excess body fat at the end?

The age-old question that has been around since people have been lifting weights: Should you cut or bulk first for maximum muscle mass gains?

Don’t listen to other people for advice.

If you want to know what you should do, read on, you have come to the right place.

I heave dealt with this issue many times over.

Every Weight Lifter’s Dilemma

Every weightlifter has experienced the following problem at one point in their life.

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We, as weight lifters, know this dilemma all too well: On the one hand you lift weights to put on muscle mass. You want to add slabs and slabs of muscle to your frame. A massive chest, huge and muscular arms, a massive, muscle-bound back and strong legs make the man (or woman).

But on the other hand, you want to look lean, shredded, and sexy.

Flab just isn’t attractive. However, neither is being skinny with no muscle mass

Usually, things aren’t just black and white. Most likely, you’re neither a massive 300 lbs guy, that carries extra body fat but has a great amount of muscle mass. Nor are you a 130 lbs skinny guy, that has almost no body fat, but unfortunately also doesn’t have any muscle mass whatsoever.

Most likely, you’re an average gym rat, that has a decent amount of muscle mass, but really isn’t that lean.

Or you’re still in the beginning stages and you’re not satisfied with how much muscle you’re built yet.

It seems like to move forward and reach your physique goals, you need to make a decision: Should you cut or bulk first.

Why You Need to Cut First

You don’t need to be that huge and massive to look awesome. But you do need to be lean.

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You don’t need to be that huge and massive to look awesome. But you do need to be lean.

I’ll break it down for you: You absolutely need to cut first. (Unless you’re just starting out and you weigh 130 lbs. Put on some solid mass first)

Most lifters have a good amount of muscle mass, but layers and layers of fat cover it up. As a result, you won’t look very impressive at all.

Even if you’re strong as a bull and have loads of muscle: if you have no definition, you’re not maximizing your looks.

Men might admire you, but most people, and women especially, won’t find your physique aesthetically pleasing.

They won’t find you that attractive.

Kudos to his strength. But most people won’t find his physique very appealing.

Kudos to his strength. But most people won’t find his physique very attractive.

Kudos to his strength. But most people won’t find his physique very attractive.

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Strip off that layer of fat. Reveal your hard-earned muscle and your chiseled face.

And people will admire your physique.

You don’t even need to have that much muscle. If you have a low body fat percentage, you will look sexy.

For that reason, you need to cut first.

Lifting weights will always make your more successful. You’ll be more likely to make more money than none-lifters. But being somewhat lean is essential to reaping all the benefits you’ll get from lifting weights. If you’re good-looking, you’ll have it easier in life. That’s just a fact. Making money is just one aspect of that.

Whether it’s money you earn online, through things such as passive income, or at your job, being lean and muscular will benefits you in many ways.

Cut First, Then Add Muscle Mass

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If you’re lean and have low body fat, you can much more easily assess the amount of muscle mass you have gained.

You don’t have layers of fat covering your muscles, consequently you can tell how much muscle you’re building. You’ll know how much of your gained mass is muscle and how much of it is body fat.

If you’re somewhat chubby, it’s incredibly hard to tell whether you’re packing on muscle or just getting fatter.

The less body fat you carry, the better your insulin sensitivity.

Excess body fat will lead to insulin insensitivity. You don’t want that. You want your body to be sensitive to insulin so that it exerts its anabolic effects.

As a result, when you bulk after a cut, the calorie partitioning will excellent.

The calories you consume will go to your muscle and help you build muscle mass.

Lastly, lower body fat will increase your testosterone levels.

That’s because excess body fat will convert your testosterone into estrogen. That’s not a good thing. Testosterone will make you feel awesome and help you build muscle. Low testosterone will lead to a host of problems. Among them depression and sleeping problems.

What Exactly Should You Do Now?

I’ll summarize it for you:

You should definitely cut first and drop body fat until you’re at a low body fat.

Once you’re somewhat lean, bulk up and build some muscle, but never let yourself get too fat.

Being lean will provide you with many benefits.

Your testosterone levels will be higher, your insulin sensitivity will be improved, and you will able to gauge to process much more accurately.

For all those reasons, lose body fat first, then add some muscle.


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