More muscle mass means more benefits in your everyday life. This article will show you how and why.

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Put an end to your puny and weak physique!

You don’t like it and neither does anybody else. Muscle building can be easy and is extremely rewarding

If you need some motivation to work out and build some muscle, here are 5 reasons why being big and strong will enhance your life tremendously.

#1  People will respect you way more

Muscle Building can be easy and fast.

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Weak people get trampled on. Nobody respects weak people.

If you have a strong, muscular built, people will respect you just because of your physique.

This is probably still ingrained in us from millions of years of evolution.

If you’re big and muscular, your mere presence commands respect.

A great personality, leader skills, a good sense of humour, good looks, wealth, influence etc. can add to it, but sheer muscular size speaks volumes.

#2   Women will find you much more attractive

More muscle mass means more success with the ladies.

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More muscle mass means more success with the ladies. This is backed up by science. Studies have actually shown this.

UCLA research has shown that women are attracted to muscular men.

As a result, muscular guys have twice the amount of female partners.

Muscle building is one of the easiest things you can do in order to become more attractive to women.

Let me make it really easy for you to understand: Women love muscular guys, just like men like women with nice breasts and a sexy butt.

#3  You will have much higher self-esteem:

Muscle Building = Confidence Building

Building muscle will help you look awesome and provide you with lots of benefits.

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Every time you look in a mirror you’ll love what you see.

Your physique fills you with pride because it is the result of consistent work.

Your muscles are the fruit of your labour.

You are the farmer, and muscle mass is your harvest. (Alright, enough with the corny metaphors.)

You put in the work, and now you got the results.

Every time you hit the gym and feel yourself getting stronger and bigger, you boost your self-esteem. Muscle building is confidence building.

You see that you’re making progress. This is a self-esteem booster like no other.

Whenever women touch your muscles while talking to you, you know they love it and this again makes you feel like a real man.

You’ll feel proud of your accomplishment and you have every right to do so.

#4   You will live longer

Yes, it’s true, being strong and muscular can prolong your life.

Stronger people outlive weak people.

A recent study published in the journal The Lancet has shown that the firmness of your hand grip, which is an indicator of your strength, better predicts mortality and morbidity than blood pressure.

Doing pull-ups, deadlifts and barbell rows greatly enhance your grip strength.

Therefore, going to the gym may just save your life

#5 Your consistency and discipline will make you a great role-model

Let’s face it: the amount of muscle you carry is in direct correlation to the consistency you show in the gym.

Muscle mass isn’t just bestowed upon you.

You can’t build muscle working out once a month, either.

Working out for 5 hours once a week also won’t do you much good.

Consistency is key here.

Your training sessions don’t need to last very long, but you do need to work out multiple times a week.

Every success in life requires consistency.

There is no way around it.

You won’t learn a language by studying for 4 hours once a week. Instead you need to only study for 20 minutes but do it each and every single day.

The same holds true for being an entrepreneur and for making money online.

You need to be consistent. No need to work day and night, but you need to be consistent.

Hence, building muscle teaches you to be patient and consistent which will help you tremendously in all other aspects of life. There is no success without consistency.

Remember This:

In order to become the most successful version of yourself, you need to become the strongest version of yourself.

The world can be a harsh place and only the strongest succeed.

Sure, you might survive when you’re weak and you have no body to show for, but you won’t thrive.


What has changed for you since you started building muscle? Let me know in the comments.