You’re always fatter than you think you are, which is why you need to lose weight fast. In this article I’ll show you how.

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You’re always fatter than you think you are, and you want to lose weight fast.

You want to lose weight now.

Since you’re reading this article, you’re already one step ahead of the vast majority of people.

Wanting to lose weight fast is the most fundamental step in the whole process.

I can almost guarantee, that your body fat percentage is higher than you think.

Most people that work out regularly are way off when it comes to estimating their body fat percentage.

As a result, you may have a decent amount of muscle mass on your body, but if your body fat percentage is too high, you won’t look nearly as awesome as you could.

As you can see in the picture, you cannot have a lot of body fat if you want to have an attractive body as well as an attractive face. Body fat will blur your definition. If you have a layer of body fat covering your muscles and your face, you will simply not look as attractive as you could.

If you have a layer of body fat covering your muscles and your face, you will simply not look as attractive as you could.

Therefore, you need to lose weight fast in order to strip off the layer of fat and reveal your muscles as well as your handsome face.

The Insidious Trap: You Don’t Realize You’re Getting Fatter

This guy knows that you need to have a low body fat percentage if you want to look good.

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Why are the majority of people overweight?

Why are so few people lean, with a low body fat percentage?

Because weight gain is an insidious process. It doesn’t happen overnight. You don’t go to bed lean and ripped and then wake up the next morning chubby and overweight.

The problem is that weight gain, and we’re talking fat gain here, happens ever so slightly, day by day.

And since you look at yourself in the mirror on a daily basis, your brain cannot tell that you’re getting ever so slighty fatter and fatter each day because the difference isn’t very noticeable from one day to the next.

It’s only when you look at pictures of yourself when you were leaner, that you realize you don’t look as good.

But even then, our brains start to rationalize and you tell yourself it’s probably water retention from having consumed too much sodium yesterday. That must be it.

Every Weight Lifter’s Problem: You Think Your Gains Are All 100% Muscle

Overestimating your body fat percentage is especially common among people who lift weights.

I think almost every guy looking to pack on some muscle has experienced the following scenario in one way or another:

You start lifting weights, you really put an effort in and you want to make sure that you’re building muscle as efficiently and as quickly as possible. Therefore you eat loads and loads of food, mostly crap, though, for a prolonged period of time. And as a result, you’re packing on mass.

Your shirts feel tighter, you feel a lot bigger and stronger and when you flex, you feel huge. You think that you may be getting a tad softer, but actually not really.

You actually think you’re huge and lean when in reality you did gain some muscle but also gained a lot of fat, which is why you don’t actually look all that amazing.

And while you may look bigger and more muscular in a shirt, your face reveals that your body fat percentage is higher than it used to be.

My Personal Experience

This has happened to me as well, as you can see in the following:

As you can see, I’m not exactly ripped in the picture. I wasn’t looking bad, but I didn’t look as good as I could.

It was taken when I had already started to cut.

The reason being, that during the time that led up to it, I thought I was making awesome gains. When in reality, I was also gaining quite a bit of body fat.

The picture below was taken during that time, when I was “bulking”.

I actually felt like I was pretty lean and somewhat ripped. This is not exactly accurate, however. Your own perception can be deceiving.

I would say that when I started out lifting weights, my bulking phases were worse than what you can see in the picture. I would gain quite a bit of body fat, thinking it was mostly muscle. Which, of course, it wasn’t. This is not a great look!

I then got rid of the fat, put on more muscle, and my physique greatly improved.

Lose Weight Fast to Look Amazing

So don’t get faked out!

It’s easy to think you’re making “all kiiiiiinds of gains” when in reality you’re actually gaining a lot of body fat.

You need to be very cautious and extremely watchful. Don’t make the mistakes that I made: Eating like crazy for long periods of time, thinking it’s all muscle gains. It isn’t.

Realize when you have put on body fat. If you want to look attractive, your only option now is to lose weight fast.

Don’t fool yourself by telling yourself that it’s just water retention, or that you just had a lot of carbs yesterday.

If you can pinch your lovehandles, you’re too fat and you need to lose weight fast. Too much body fat is detrimental to your health. As a guy, your testosterone levels are much lower than if you were lean.

Also, being fat or chubby is never attractive.

Not only is it physically unattractive, but other people most like perceive you as a lazy slob instead of a hardworking, athletic person.

Don’t be that guy.

(Modified after Source, by Paul Lucas, CC BY 2.0)

By being fat or chubby, you are sabotaging your own future because you’re not looking your best. Good looking people are perceived to be more honest, hard working, trustworthy, more intelligent, etc. Good looking people on average make more money and are more likely to get raises.

Now that’s the very definition of love handles. Again, don't be that guy.

Now that’s the very definition of love handles. Again, don’t be that guy.

(Modified after Source, by Paul Lucas, CC BY 2.0)

So why are you taking away from your good looks by being at a higher body fat percentage?

A chubby face is never a handsome face.

Fat people aren’t considered “good looking” or attractive by the majority of people.

More Muscle Mass Makes it Harder to Detect Weight Gain

We won’t get into physics too much here.

Just follow me on this: Your body fat doesn’t just get stored in the area around your stomach.

Your body fat actually forms a layer that covers almost the whole body.

As a result, when you get fatter, you’ll have a layer of fat on top of your muscles.

This is why you feel like you’re making good gains and your shirt feels tighter around your chest and arms.

It’s not just muscles, though. A lot of the size you gained is actually a layer of fat that covers your muscles.

It’s much easier for a skinny person with little muscle mass to realize they’re getting fatter

So back to the difference between a person with quite a bit of muscle mass and a skinny person with little muscle mass:

If you have a good amount of muscle mass, your body actually has a bigger surface than the person with little muscle mass. Consequently, if the surface is bigger, greater amounts of body fat can be distributed across your body.

As a result, even at a higher body fat percentage, your body will not look as fat if you have a good amount of muscle mass as compared to a person with little muscle mass.

However: Your face will always be a reflection of your body fat percentage. While not ripped, your body might still look pretty good. Your face will look pudgy, though, instead of chiseled and handsome.

If you’re a scrawny, little guy, you can detect even small amounts of gained body fat rather quickly.

If you have been lifting consistently, though, fat gain can be much harder to detect. When you do, however, you need to lose weight fast.

Reveal your six pack abs as well as your chiseled, handsome face.

Make this world a better place.

Don’t be just another chubby slob, like the majority of people.

Set yourself apart by looking awesome.

So be watchful, don’t let that weight gain creep up on you, and look awesome.

Till next time,