You want to be happy. We all want to be happy. We do so many things for it. For some people their whole life revolves around trying to be happy.

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I would assume though that the majority of people are actually struggling, and they would be quite content with “not being unhappy”.

So how can be happy?

Eckhart Tolle says that we need to stay in “the now” and stay present in order to be happy. And he’s right about that.

The Buddha said if you want happiness you need to first remove the “you” which means to remove your ego, then the “want” which means you need to remove your desire, then you are left with happiness. And he’s right about that from what I know and feel is right.

The Bible tells us that “the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness” (Galatians 5:22). That is true.

This applies more to your inner mind set, which makes it no less important. If you want a general, more outwardly-centered plan about how to act from day to day and you want to be happy then you absolutely need to do the following:

Growing means happiness

Growing = Making progress

In order to be happy you need to always be learning and growing.

If you’re not growing, it’s very unlikely that you’re super happy.

You need to always be making some kind of progress in order to truly be happy and satisfied.

What should you do then?

Find a project or an activity where you can always improve and grow, such as weightlifting, playing a sport, learning a language, learning how to play an instrument, writing a book, starting your own business.

In weightlifting you start out being able to only bench maybe 140 lbs. Then, as time goes on, you get stronger and stronger, you’re growing, you’re making progress. After some years you might be able to bench 220 lbs and you feel that all your efforts have been more than worth it.

Find something where you can improve and practise that absolutely relentlessly and consistently.

Force yourself to make progress.

Keep working on your skills daily. No excuses.

Get up at 5am if you have to in order to squeeze in some time before work.

Do whatever you have to just make sure that you work on your project every single day and strive towards progress.

Apply discipline and put effort into your project every single day, whether you feel like doing so or not.

This will make you happy, satisfied, and also give you (self-perceived) self-worth and self confidence.

So work on your projects relentlessly, whether you feel like it or not, power through the hard times and enjoy the fruits of happiness and satisfaction.

Till next time

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