Put down your bowl of “healthy” cerials and listen up: Your breakfast which you consider so healthy might actually not be so healthy for you.

We have been told by the media and various government food pyramids that whole grains are vitaly important to a healthy diet.

(Unprocessed) whole grains are not healthy for you at all. The actually rob your body of vital, important minerals and can cause you to get bad teeth.

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Take it from a guy who has never had a single cavity in all his life and never, ever eats oatmeal: Me:

While it is true that whole grains technically contain minerals, our bodies cannot actually absorb them. Lectins as well as phytates in the grains prevent that. To add insult to injury, not only can our bodies not use the minerals in unprocessed whole grains the phytates in whole grains acutally steal other minerals from your body.

Unprocessed whole grains bind to the minerals that are so important to us. Minerals that are vital for a healthy body, mind, and even healthy teeth.

95% of the time you can always tell a person’s health status by their teeth. Bad teeth, as in numerous cavities, means compromised health.

Great teeth, as in healthy, strong, cavity-free teeth translates to optimized health.

This is not just my personal experience, science has validated this, too.

Dr. May Mellanby published the results of his tooth decay reversal studies in the British Medical Journal under the title “Remarks on the Influence of a Cereal-free Diet Rich in Vitamin D and Calcium on Dental Caries in Children”.

The children that ate a typical diet including plenty of oatmeal, whole unprocessed grains developed caries and cavities. While the kids that ate no whole grains and instead consumed plenty of minerals and vitamin D not only got no cavities but even healed from past caries and cavities.

So do yourself, your body, and your teeth a favor and don’t eat any whole unprocessed grains. Don’t eat the oatmeal, Dinkel, or other whole grains. They will steal minerals from your body instead of leaving your body replenished.

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