Are you wondering how to gain weight fast?

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How to gain weight is one of the cornerstones in building muscle when you’re skinny . While the majority of people are looking to lose weight, a large number of men struggle with building muscle and actually want to gain weight fast.

So called hardgainers have a hard time putting on muscle and gaining weight.

If you google it, hardgainer is defined as:

“A person who does not find it easy to gain muscle through exercise.”

No matter how hard these people work out, they don’t seem to make any progress.

As a matter of fact, it is not the workout intensity that is lacking, it’s a definite plan on how to gain weight fast.

Because without a plan, you’ll still be 155 lbs struggling to bench press 150 lbs next year, as well.

Being Skinny Sucks

Being skinny is no fun if you’re a guy.

First of all, everybody telling you to put on some weight, and that you’re too skinny can be annoying after some time.

Your grandma is always telling you to put on some weight and to eat more.

But if you if you’re a naturally slim guy like myself, putting on muscle and weight can be quite a challenge.

The worst thing about being skinny, though, is people don’t respect you if you’re a frail, weak, and skinny.

Or at least they don’t respect you as much as they would if you’d gained some weight and put on some muscle.

Evolution has taught us to respect strength and seek to make friends with guys who are strong and in shape.

It’s entirely possible, that you don’t even recognize these patterns yet.

But you will, in time.

Your perception will change, once you gain weight fast and pack on some muscle mass.

Be Strong and Build Some Muscle

As soon as you have gained some weight and put on some muscle, you might very well find yourself looking down upon skinny, light-weight men with no muscles.

Even the Bible tells us:

“Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13-14)

And last but not least, if a man has managed to gain weight and build muscle, it says a lot about his character and personality.

If you set yourself a goal, like building muscle, and you find a way to achieve it, you will respect yourself and others will respect you, as well.

So put on some muscle mass and you’re guaranteed the respect of your peers.

Women are Attracted to Muscular Guys

Sure, you’re lifting to stay healthy and in shape and because you do it for yourself.

However, one of the main reasons you lift, if you’re honest, is because you want to become the most attractive man you can be.

Curls for the girls.

And you’re right on track.

Studies out of UCLA have shown that women are indeed attracted to muscular guys.

This might not come as a surprise to you. A lot of men, however, are being told that women “don’t even like muscular guys”. This faulty thinking stems from the aversion many women have towards the bodies of extreme bodybuilders, such as Ronnie Colemann. (He seems like a really awesome guy, by the way). Despite your best efforts, though, you will almost certainly never have a body that even resembles Ronnie Coleman’s.

Not even close. No chance. Bodybuilders that compete in the IFBB not only have superior genetics and but are also chemically enhanced.

So while the majority of women most likely do not find pro bodybuilders’ physiques aesthetically pleasing, they are suckers for a man with just the right amount of muscle mass, however.

Women absolutely love muscular men. Oftentimes this attraction happens subconsciously. Women can’t help it. A muscular man is inherently much more attractive than a skinny guy.

Women might say they don’t like muscular guys. But take a look with whom they’re hooking up or who they’re dating!

Being skinny and weak may, in fact, hamper getting the girl of your dreams because she doesn’t find you attractive.

Sounds harsh, but it’s true.

So, by lifting weights and putting on some serious muscle mass, you will be much more attractive to women.

And being more attractive to women is often the reason why men want to gain weight fast. Muscle will get you women.

That is why I’ll show you how to gain weight fast and put on some muscle in no time.

How to Gain Weight Fast: 5 Rules to Get Big

Rule #1) Eat Big!

If you want to get big, you need to eat big. Period.

Building muscle is a costly endeavor for your body.

Your body needs energy in order to build muscle.

And that energy is calories.

Without adequate calorie intake, your body won’t build muscle.

Even if you down 10 protein shakes a day

You also need to eat some quality protein, like meat, fish, eggs, milk, whey protein and so on. But if you don’t give your body the necessary energy it needs to build muscle, you will be skinny till the day you die.

So first and foremost, you need to ensure that you provide your body with plenty of calories to ensure muscle growth.

Don’t worry about getting fat for now. You can always lose weight later on.

Ensure that you provide your body with enough calories day in and day out. How to gain weight in order to build some muscle? It’s simple: Eat big! How do you manage to eat big? By following rule #2:

Rule #2) Drink 16oz of Water After you Wake Up

Now, this advice you don’t hear very often.

It might even sound counter-intuitive, but bear with me.

You need to drink 16oz (0,5l) of water after waking up.

By doing so, you will activate your digestion system.

Doing so will help you actually be hungry for breakfast and allow you to eat a nice, big breakfast.

This is imperative. I do this every morning without fail.

It works. There even is a famous Japanese tale about drinking water in the morning:

According to legend, one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (Shichifukujin) showed himself to a man who was upset and ashamed because he thought he was too skinny. He instructed him to drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach upon rising in order to overcome his skinniness and become rich and successful.

He instructed him to drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach upon rising in order to overcome his skinniness and become rich and successful.

So let me be your God of Fortune and listen to me when I tell you to drink 16oz (0,5l) of water upon waking up.

You, too, will become rich and successful, I’m sure.

Rule # 3) Have Breakfast 45 minutes upon Rising

This is important. Don’t skip breakfast.

Don’t buy into the whole intermittent-fasting, either.

I’m not a massive fan of intermittent fasting anyways, but if especially if you’re looking to gain weight, IF is not a great idea.

Have a huge breakfast that includes plenty of high-quality protein 45 minutes after you wake up.

Charles Poliquin’s Meat and Nuts Breakfast is a great idea here. Feel free to add carbs since you are looking to gain weight.

Rule # 4) Eat the Right Foods and Eat Big

Eat foods that are calorically dense a.k.a. “high-calorie food”.

As we said, your body needs the calories in order to be  anabolic and build muscle.

For that reason, don’t go for the fat-free stuff. Indulge yourself!

Eat meat, cheese, butter, fish, oatmeal, potatoes, noodles, etc.

It’s imperative you stay away from rice if you’re looking to put on weight.

You heard that right: Don’t eat rice.

It makes you full pretty quick and makes eating a lot of food (which is necessary to put on mass) difficult.

So choose food that is high in calories and that you enjoy so that you can eat adequate amounts of it.

Remember: You need to eat big to get big!

Rule # 5) Junk Food is Permissible (for a Limited Period of Time)

Last but not least: You may have junk food for a certain period of time, if you so wish.

I don’t recommend it, and it’s not a particularly healthy option if you overdo it, but you need to get plenty of calories in to gain weight fast.

Set yourself a goal: Let’s say you want to weigh in at 170 -180 lbs if you’re 5’11. Then don’t worry about eating junk food until you’ve reached your goal.

Start eating more healthful foods afterwords, though. Nutritious foods will make your brain work better, you will most likely feel happier and have more energy.

From a muscle-building point of view, however, it’s better to eat junk food and get adequate calories in than to eat super clean but fail to consume enough calories. But don’t make junk food your long-term answer to how to gain weight.

If you choose to do so, do so only for a limited period of time!

Gaining weight fast is easy, you don’t need to go eat at McDonald’s every day.

Just focus on quality foods such as eggs, meat, milk, yogurt, butter, bacon, potatoes, noodles, cheese and so forth. As a result, it shouldn’t be hard for you to gain weight fast.

Consume quality protein and adequate calories, train hard, and you’ll put on some serious mass in no time.


I’ll see you on the swole side!



Till next time,