If you want to know how building muscle will make you rich, you want to read this article.

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Have you ever noticed that the majority of wealthy people tend to be big and strong?

When you think of a successful guy, you will probably picture him somewhat muscular and well built, not scrawny.

Skinny, scrawny guys tend to be underachievers in terms of getting wealthy.

More often than not, scrawny guys seem to be at a major disadvantage when it comes to being successful (in terms of money, as well as attracting women).

The Testosterone Connection

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Testosterone is your primary male sex hormone and an anabolic steroid. If you truly want to be happy and successful, your testosterone levels need to be optimized.

Having higher muscle mass requires a higher calorie consumption.

Both, in turn, will lead to higher testosterone levels.

Coupled with working out, especially lifting weights, testosterone levels will be much higher than the average guy.

And testosterone makes a guy much more likely to be successful. (Read The Winner Effect to find out more)

 Wealth is Reserved for the Dedicated

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Building muscle will make you rich because it requires dedication.

Getting rich takes dedication.

People want to believe that getting rich is an event.

They think getting rich is like winning the lottery. (That’s why in 99% of cases, you should never listen to other people, if you want to become successful.)

However, getting rich is a process.

You must be at it daily and work towords it step by step.

You don’t just wake up one day and you’re rich, if you were broke when you went to bed.

The same holds true for building muscle.

You don’t go do bed skinny and wake up swole.

That’s not how it works.

Gains don’t just come to you over night. And neither do wealth and riches.

In order to build muscle, you need to lift weights on a regular basis. You don’t just word out once a month and all of a sudden, you’re strong and muscular.

In a similar fashion, you don’t just work on your project that will make you rich once a month.

Both goals, getting rich as well as building muscle, require regular dedication.

45 minutes a day can be enough to get huge and muscular, as well as make tons of money.

The key to both, of course, is: You must do it regularly. It’s better to only spend 30 minutes on getting rich but doing it every day, then spending the whole day on your project once every couple of weeks.

Remember This:

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Building muscle teaches you to become rich.

The discipline to keep working on your goal over a longer period of time is the key to success. That’s what builds muscle. And that will also make you wealthy. (Provided you know how to build muscle and how to get rich).

Most people who are successful in life are successful at a lot of things.

That’s because success always requires dedication.

The best thing you can do is to work towards your goal daily. Even if it’s only for half an hour.



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